There Are Responsible Ways To Tether A Pet



This letter is in response to miss Nelson's letter about her chained-up dog Dakota, which she adopted from Payson Humane Society.

Miss Nelson, I am sorry if you received a Valentine from Dogs Deserve Better which you feel was out of line. Evidently, one of your neighbors doesn't realize the relationship you have with Dakota.

I do realize there are responsible ways to tether a dog while you and your family are away at work and school and such. If you are providing proper shelter from the rain, shade from the sun, giving her enough room to do her business where she doesn't have to spend her life in her own waste, allowing her to be part of the family and off her chain when you are home, and if she is able to move freely without becoming tangled, then you are not who this program is targeting, and I do apologize for any hurt feelings that I may have caused.

I'm sure you have seen the chained dog who is wrapped around a tree and cannot reach his food or water. Or, the female chained dog who is in heat and has had to suffer being bred endlessly by many male dogs and then having her puppies along at the end of a chain. Or, the beautiful dog who was chained to his house and dragged it to the fence which he jumped and hung himself to death because his people didn't take the time to think the situation through.

I invite you to go to Tammy Grime's website www.dogsdeserve to see more of these examples.

Miss Nelson, these are the people this Valentine program is targeting. Again, I apologize for any hurt feelings. And, thank you for giving a loving home to Dakota.

Lisa Boyle, Payson

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