County Water Meetings Should Be Held In Rim Country



As I am paying taxes to Gila County for the PSWID, I feel it only fair that I have a right to attend the meetings of the PSWID. These meetings should be held within our district so that all citizens, young and old, can observe how, or where, Mr. Christensen and Mr. Nelson are spending our tax dollars.

An audit of the PSWID funds should be brought up to date and submitted to the taxpayers at an open meeting in Pine.

I think the supervisors should look into the devious ways that a few in our district dissolved our board for their personal benefit.

I beg you to reconsider your decision to remove our board and return it to the taxpayers of Pine and Strawberry with an election of a new board immediately. Then, we can continue with the charter of the PSWID to locate another source of water for our community.

We did not form the district to buy out a water company, which, by the way, has been financially able to make this the best functioning water company that Pine has ever had.

Elizabeth D. Kelly, Pine

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