Payson Needs An Off-Highway Park



I am a concerned young ATV rider who wants a place where I can ride without confrontation. There are many ATVers in Payson that want the same thing I do. I am proposing that Payson designate an Off-Highway Vehicle Park (OHVP). This is a place designated for off-road riders (ATVs, dirt bikes, etc.) to go to ride. The riders maintain the property and track, and revenue can be made for the town. Many towns have adopted this OHVP concept and it has been a resolve to people riding in the forest and areas that are restricted.

I know that you are probably not the one to talk to, but if this gets published maybe the person I need to talk to will see this. If I need a petition of signatures, I'm sure I can get the signatures I need.

Joe Allaire, RCMS eighth grader

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