Public Has Been Kept In The Dark About Pswid



I left a meeting of the Gila County Supervisors held in Payson in early September 2003, with the impression that the Pine Strawberry community would be kept informed about Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District (PSWID) business.

Since September, Gila County Supervisors have made no report to the public about the status of PSWID. It is known that a citizen's advisory group has been formed. However, there has been no public announcement about how to contact members of this group, the purpose of this group, and the date and times of meetings. It is known that an attorney and consultant have been hired for PSWID. The public has not been provided with any explanation about why is was necessary to hire these people, nor has the public been told how much is being spent for fees related to these people.

Why are the County Supervisors not providing the Pine Strawberry community with information about PSWID? Isn't it time that the Gila County Supervisors end the secrecy about PSWID affairs and provide an explanation of how they are spending taxpayer money?

Bernice E. Winandy, Pine

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