‘Renegade Processes' Are Taking Over



As a citizen of Pine, Arizona, I am astounded at the direction our PSWID (Pine, Strawberry Water Improvement District) has taken. Since the PSWID board has been shut down and Mr. (Ron) Christensen (County Supervisor) has appointed new members to an advisory board, the PSWID rate payers of Pine and Strawberry have been left out of all decision meetings.

The advisory board includes Ray Pugel, Loren Peterson and several others who are in the Real Estate and Development business.

The "board" has apparently hired an attorney, with the money from PSWID, which are our tax monies, to pursue the purchase of the Pine, Strawberry water companies from Brooke Utilities.

With this action, we, the property owners, will no longer have input, through ACC, over our taxes or rates -- which could include up to $12 million for a buyout and extensive infrastructure improvements.

We will be operating at the whim of the real estate developers and the county supervisors who apparently are biased in favor of this action.

Please don't let us down and allow these renegade processes to continue.

Thank you for your time.

Barbara Privette, Pine

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