Residency Issue Is A Personal Vendetta



Diana Sexton has every right to run for public office in our town. She has lived in Payson, owns businesses, her children have attended public schools, she has paid taxes on her businesses, shopping, school fees and taxes for many, many years.

Mr. White, however, just moved to our town. I would say that Diana Sexton has a lot more right to run for the mayor of Payson, no matter where she lived, as she has made this community her life and cares about the future of Payson for her grandchildren and others.

Yes, she has a home in Round Valley. She owns and lives part time in two different houses in Payson and has done so for many years. Mr. White's argument that because the little home office behind the Beeline Cafe is zoned commercial, that it is not a home, is his own personal opinion.

She is legal, as was stated by town officials, on the radio, in the last election.

This fight started two years ago for Mr. White and is still going on. Now he has hired a lawyer to fight his civil right. And the biggest atrocity that Mr. White has committed, is saying that Diana Sexton is committing a felony by these actions. There can only be a few reasons why a person would spend so much time and energy on such a petty issue in these trying times.

1. Mr. White is backing another candidate and feels threatened by Diana Sexton. Answer: If your candidate is so lacking the qualities to run for mayor that you have to hire a lawyer and try to run Sexton off the ballot, then maybe you need to evaluate why you are backing this candidate.

2. Mr. White has some personal vendetta against Diana Sexton from the last election. Answer: You both lost. Move on. Sexton certainly has.

Mr. White is the one who needs to look at why he lost in the last election. For me, it is the person he is showing himself to be today, by his current actions. I saw this two years ago and would never consider him for a candidate. Good luck Mr. White, I hope you get your lesson out of this. I also hope that you will find a better place to put your time and money because there are many people in need out there, and you need to be more positive in your own life.

Sandi Montbleau, Payson

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