Jeepers Trek To Dupont Cabin



The Snyder household was a busy place this past weekend. On Saturday, I trekked on down to the valley to go to the hugely popular VNSA Book Fair at the Arizona Coliseum.

This event is touted as the biggest used-book sale in the country. I believe it! My good fishing buddy, Theresa Meeker from Tonto Village II and Phoenix, her daughter, Angie, and I spent the whole afternoon there along with a few thousand other people and I never reached the end of the aisles.

The sale is an amazing mixture of used and new books, along with rare editions and all types of magazines.

If you have ever thought of going and you never have, make plans to go next year. It was an amazing experience and the amount of books available for sale is mind-boggling. I loved it!

Four-wheelin' adventure

The next day, my husband Bill, our doggie "Dewey" and I went on a four-wheel Jeep run with the Rim Country Four-Wheeler club.

Pete Orlando was our trip leader. We all met at the Country Kitchen Restaurant and headed south to the Route 188 road to Tonto Basin. A total of 19 Jeeps and one Hummer joined the convoy.

From there we took a left into the Greenback Mountains and passed through some of the burn area from the Picture Fire.

Our destination was the old Dupont cabin. The road was at first very dusty, then turned into mud and then slush into snow as we climbed up the mountain.

As we reached the cabin, we were at about 6,000 feet. The cabin was probably used as a place for drovers to lay their head down, but not much else. To say that it was rustic is an understatement.

We came across a herd of cattle on the trail and balked at the intrusion on their territory.

We left the snow behind coming down and ran into heavy duty shale and rocks. We were jounced around a bit, but all in all, the day was a huge success for everyone.

Everyone was talking about buying a power washer when we stopped to regroup and we looked at everyone's Jeep, some were completely covered with mud. Some joked that the car washes in town were going to grimace at the amount of mud that was going to be washed off from 20 different vehicles.

The day turned out to be a wonderful experience.

Tonto Village Fire District

The regular monthly meeting of the Tonto Village Fire Board will be held on Saturday, Feb. 14 at the Fire Station at 10 a.m. The agenda includes the final decisions to be made on the new fire truck. Comments, suggestions, or arguments will be heard by the board at this time. As always, the meeting is open to the public and your attendance is appreciated.

Games, games ...

The Bunko group, headed by Linda Stailey, is still getting under way in the village. There has been quite a bit of interest so far. If you would like to be a part of this new group, call Linda at (928) 478-4641. The group will meet once a month on Wednesdays, or whenever the players can get together.

The Ladies nine-ball team got together this past Tuesday evening at the Double D. The winners were Lorraine Mathews, Patty Boeschling and Suzanne Shill. Suzanne is a new winner, so congratulations to you.

The Domino Ladies are still active through the winter. The gals get together on Wednesday afternoons at various homes in the area. Call Charlie Martin at (928) 478-4608 if you would like to join the gals for a fun afternoon.

Birthdays, etc. ...

Kara Shaw celebrated her birthday on Wednesday, Feb. 11. Kara spends her days at National Bank as a loan officer and some of her spare time playing nine-ball with the Tonto Village ladies on Tuesdays. Happy Birthday to you, Kara. Clint Daniels will be adding another candle on his birthday cake on Valentine's Day. Clint has lived in the village for a number of years and retired a few years ago as the assistant chief of the Tonto Village Fire Department. Have a great day, Clint.

Since this Saturday is Valentine's Day, be sweet to your honey, and enjoy the day or evening, or what ever fits into your plans. Say, "I love you," to set the right mood.

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