Off-Highway Park Would Decrease Fire Hazard



It has come to my attention that the ever-growing town of Payson is becoming home to more and more off-highway vehicle riders throughout the years. The forests are sometimes dry, so the off-highway riders are restricted from riding their vehicles.

In my opinion, the town should designate an Off-Highway Vehicle Park specifically for ATVs, dirt bikes, and motorcycles. This would provide a place where friends and families can go for a fun, recreational experience.

Many towns have adopted this vehicle park for the entertainment of their youth. All that we would need is a few unused acres of land that is far enough away from the homes of the residents, but close enough to drive to. This would get the riders out of the forests and decrease the fire hazards in dry times.

In the end, we can make everyone happy.

Brittney McDaniel, Eighth grade, Rim Country Middle School

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