Red-Light Runners On The Rise


Payson Police Lt. Don Engler estimates close to 50 motorists a day are running red lights at the intersection of Highway 87 and Highway 260.

"On Feb. 6, we ran an eight-hour traffic enforcement detail with the Department of Public Safety," Engler said. "As soon as the officers pulled one person over, another person would run a red light."

For most of the day, two officers watched the intersection and pulled over violators.

"The results were 16 traffic stops and 19 violations written," Engler said. "There were considerably more violators we couldn't get to because of the manpower constraints."

Engler said traffic is heavy at the intersection and unless an officer is positioned right, the stop can be hard to make.

Officers working the detail estimated that for every one person pulled over, two others were running red lights while they were busy with the stop.

"It's mainly the turn arrows where the violations are occurring," Engler said.

The police department and DPS are planning another detail this month.

"We don't have a date yet," Engler said, "but it will be in the next few weeks."

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