Thanks For Carrying On



Re: Letters from Ken & Anne Emes, Elizabeth D. Kelly, Wes Suhr, Toni Sorel, et al

May a longtime water watcher and participant in the formation of the original PSWID say a big thank you for carrying the banner.

While I am not enamored of Brooke Utilities, I'd also like to include Robert Hardcastle, who is fending off a special-interest, greed-prompted takeover-try of his water companies.

His Feb. 6 letter clarified the many unspoken issues to be faced by the communities of Pine & Strawberry were the "new" PSWID successful in its petitioning of unaware or uninformed residents. We need to vote into office our own board of directors and to stay under the protection of the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Amen to you all.

Barbara Grillo, Pine

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