Voters Left Searching For Polling Places



I was upset with the elections held Tuesday. I live in Star Valley and had to travel to Payson to vote in the Democratic Primary. I am able to travel, but a lot of folks, some Vets and elderly who are very patriotic, were not able to drive to Mount Cross Lutheran Church to vote.

This action by the County Elections Division to move our voting site was a move that stole individual's basic rights to vote.

According to Dixie Mundy (county elections director), this move was voted on by our state legislature to conserve money. The revised Arizona Law, Title 16-248, to consolidate Star Valley and Payson's district 4, 5 and 6. Did anyone know, or advise? This department should be responsible to notify all citizens concerned that the voting site has been moved, and/or there are other voting options.

It took numerous phone calls to find out those options.

Quoting Dixie Mundy, a representative of that office, "The people could have voted early, about one month early, at the County Assessor's office." Who knew?

"They could have called 1-800-304-4452, ext. 8735 or 8733, to vote by mail." Who knew?

This office neglected their civic duty, stealing a citizen's right to vote.

The next May ‘04 election will be in Payson again. I wonder if any voters will know that. Good news -- the September and November 2004 elections will be held at the regular site -- the church in Star Valley.

This office should be more responsible to all voters.

Danny R. Wright, Star Valley

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