Arrogance Breeds Recrimination



Isn't it a shame, Mr. Sandheger, that a state statute can determine the outcome of a U.S. presidential election? To me, that is the same as cheating the American people out of their constitutional right to elect a president.

And, if the U.S. Supreme Court can rule that a Florida statute takes precedence over the Florida Supreme Court ruling against such a statute, to me that shows very convoluted thinking on the part of a tilted to the right U.S. Supreme Court.

I think they have undermined the very foundation of democracy and certainly have destroyed my faith in their integrity, and I believe millions of Americans think the same.

As to Clinton giving away our technology to China, every U.S. business that moves overseas takes its technology with it. All countries that now have U.S. businesses also have the U.S. technology of the business. An unfair tax benefit for these businesses and "fair trade" helped open that door, just as "the right to work" opened the floodgate to illegal immigrants. An undemocratic election, a flood of illegal immigrants, an unequal trade policy, plus wars that should not happen are the sad results of a greedy, white-collar criminal element running (or should I say ruining) our country.

Read Chris Hedges' book, "War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning", and you cannot fail to see the parallels between thugs, thieves and murderers promoting war and ethnic slaughter in Asia, Africa and Europe, while getting rich from their monstrous crimes; and acting in a similar fashion and disguised only as being in the U.S. interest.

We have seen and many felt the violence of war on Sept. 11, 2001, while Asia, Africa and Europe have seen and felt complete disintegration of societies there and had wholesale slaughter of innocents, with our government, either abetting the slaughter or staying quiet when we should have intervened. After all, we are the best and have the right to run the world as we see fit. Arrogance like that is bound to bring terrible recrimination and it has probably only just begun. Pseudo-Christianity is corrupting to the core any possible authentic solution. U.S. isolationism and police state policies, while interfering covertly world-wide and going to war at will is something, even the most ignorant of us, ought to be able to see clearly as an invitation to disaster.

Wanda Walker, Payson

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