Candidate Generous With Time



This is not a requested endorsement, but because John Wilson finds it very hard to toot his own horn, I thought I would do some tooting for him.

I worked with John on Library Friends of Payson board for eight years. I watched a man who diligently did his job as treasurer for the board. I can assure you no one wants him to give up his job. He has not only done this for the Library Friends, but for his church and two other nonprofit organizations. I could not guess how many volunteer hours that John and Sue have contributed to Payson.

When they cannot give of their time, they contribute generously to worthwhile organizations in our community. They made a statement, "That they were fortunate to be able to contribute funding for worthwhile projects in the town of Payson." That is the reason that I am writing this letter, because I feel the voters need to know a little more about what kind of a man John really is.

He would be the kind of man who would study a project before approving one way or another. He is a fair man and not opinionated, so he would be open minded until he has studied whatever is brought before the council.

Others may speak more eloquently, but I personally have never met a more community minded man. This may well serve you before you mail in your ballot.

Peggy Freeman, Payson

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