Don't Be Fooled



An open letter to the taxpayers of Pine and Strawberry

You may have received a small green card in your mailbox stating that Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement District has made application to have Brooke's Certificate of Convenience canceled.

The PSWID was formed by a vote of the taxpayers to seek a long-term solution to the water shortage that exists, and has existed for many years. The board of supervisors has disbanded the PSWID without approval of the taxpayers. Why, Mr. Christensen? Is Mr. Christensen able to justify his action?

If the PSWID no longer functions, how can they make application to the corporation to cancel Brooke's CC&Rs? As of 4 p.m. on Feb. 11, no such application has been received by the commission. Per my telephone call to the commission, it seems that the CC&Rs can be canceled by the commission for cause, or Brooke can make a request to cancel. They have not.

Brooke Utilities, dba Pine Water Co. and Strawberry Water Co. are providing better service to your community than any time in the past. Would you not agree that they cannot provide what doesn't exist? That is, an adequate supply of water at all times of the year and under current drought conditions.

There is a lot of noise about signing the petition that would allow the (non-existent) PSWID board of directors to purchase the water companies to the tune of $12 million. If you have money to throw away, you might want to sign the petition.

But, the $12 million won't provide a single drop of water. You had better think this through carefully as to who will benefit by removal of the oversight provided by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Don't let Realtors and developers decide how to spend your money. If you have already signed the petition, go back and ask to see the petition and remove your signature with a big black marker.

Please get the facts. Don't be fooled.

Jean R. Bean, Strawberry

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