Lion Hunt Yields Rim Hunter A Lifelong Thrill


For 12-year-old Rim Country Middle School sixth-grader Chandler Sylvester, hunting is a way of life.

"I love it and everyone in my family loves to hunt, too," he said. "I like hunting because it's challenging and I learn lots of new things."


Chandler Sylvester and his grandfather Dick Henry show the mountain lion that Sylvester recently downed in Unit 6A.

His passion for the outdoors peaked Feb. 7 during a mountain lion hunt with his grandfather Dick Henry.

After finding a cow elk a mountain lion had killed in unit 6A, Sylvester stalked and eventually slayed the lion.

"We found prints and the dead elk, so we put the dogs on the trail," Sylvester said.

The youngster estimates the dogs overtook the lion about four to five miles away.

"The lion tried to run up a hill but fell back and hid under some rocks," Sylvester said.

After downing the cat with four shots from his .22 caliber rifle, Sylvester and his grandfather walked closer for a better look at the animal.

"We thought at first it was a male, but it actually was a female," he said.

The lion hunt was the second Sylvester has been a part of.

"Last year, we chased a female lion but she got away," he said.

In addition to the lion kill, Sylvester downed both a javelina and a cow elk in separate hunts about a year ago.

Next on his outdoor agenda is a spring turkey hunt in Unit 6A.

In addition to his passion for hunting, Sylvester enjoys all types of outdoor sports, as well as playing youth league basketball.

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