Students Unaware Of Serious Nature Of Offense



The article in Friday's paper makes it sound like all eight people that were arrested, were in one big group.

There was more than one group of kids, and not all of them destroyed signs or threw them into Mr. Fruth's yard. Also, not all were arrested, but they were cited by the policeman.

One group of students that was involved returned the signs to Mr. Fruth undamaged, and with their deepest apologies. They are also going door-to-door with Mr. Fruth's brochures, in hopes of helping him to recover some votes that may have been lost, due to the removal of his signs.

Even though this did not happen on the school grounds, the minors were punished with several days of ISS (In School Suspension), in addition to charges by the police department, and referrals to court.
I suggested to Mr. Fruth that prior to any future electionampaigning, students are told in school, what the severity of removing or destruction of signs means. As far as we knew, it was just a mischievous prank, however, I just learned that it is a state law, and I'm sure that most students are not aware of that either.

Debby Rusovick, Payson

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