We Have Obligation To The Future



In response to "Help Protect Locals from Higher Taxes" Mail Call letter in the Friday, Jan. 30 edition of the Payson Roundup, I would like to say I am deeply concerned with the opinion that "so many folks around the town" have on the budget override request for Payson Unified School District.

They are requesting a 10 percent override for a period of seven years.

As stated in the article "Budget Override a Tough Choice for School Board" in the edition of the Payson Roundup on Friday, Jan. 16, these annual costs to taxpayers are based on the value of the home you live in. It also mentioned that it is a mere $63 annually for a home valued at $116,000.

I would also like to point out that they discussed many other topics in this article along with the addition of another alternative school including, but not limited to, maintaining class sizes, keeping school librarians along with middle school's nurse, bringing back the physical education program for the elementary schools, and also retaining the current extra curricular activities.

Yes, I am a concerned parent, and I do have young children in the Payson School District. No, I am not completely satisfied with the current budget that the district has to work with.

As a parent I have an obligation to protect and better my children's future, but as citizens we all have an obligation to protect and better our, as well as everyone else's, future.

It is true that the more voices that are heard, the easier it will be to work together on this to help protect our community and its economy, but we also need to protect its future.

I am begging everyone to gain more knowledge on this issue before you vote. Please read the articles, do some research.

Michelle LeLusche, Payson

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