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Q: I visited the beautiful Payson library on Feb. 9, around 1 p.m. I live in Pine and had several appointments in Payson with some free time between appointments. I took a paperback book with me to read. I was very impressed with the lay-out and decor on the inside. I found a chair to sit in to do some reading for about an hour. I moved to new seats four times trying to find a place to read that was free from the noise generated by the talk from the library's lady workers. Every place I sat was extremely noisy. The ladies that were working in the center of the library were talking extremely loud. No matter where I moved to, it sounded like they were right next to me talking to me. I have never been in such a noisy library! I finally went into the youth room to read as it was quiet in there since the door was closed and I couldn't hear all the gossip from the library workers. Is there some type of noise reduction that can be utilized? I would like to use the library again, but I wish something could be done with the noise level.

A: The workers talk to the patrons, and patrons talk to one another, said Terry Morris, the director of the library. "Our elderly patrons especially like to come in and tell us what's been going on in their lives," Morris said. "We've never had anyone complain before. The library has never been a perfectly quiet place in all its existence. We do have a policy against the use of cell phones in the library, but that's all."

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