Bush At Helm For First Job Loss



In a recent "Letter to Editor"ublished by the Payson Roundup newspaper, the writer had several concerns: one, she had lost her job and her unemployment benefits were expiring; and, two, she was not eligible for medical assistance from social services.merica has lost 2.4 million jobs since Bush became president inan. 2001. America has sufferedt's first job loss, for a sitting president, since Republican Herbert Hoover was president. President Bush's economist, Gregory Mankiw, stated shipping American jobs to foreign countries was good for the U.S. economy. Bush, in his recently published annual Economic Report, signed by him,tated 2.6 million new Americanobs would be created this year, 2004. Bush's Treasury Secretary Snow and Commerce Secretary Evans have refused to supporthe president's prediction.On Feb. 4, 2004, a bill to extend unemployment compensation came to a vote in congress. Rep. Rick Renzi, and the five other Arizonaepublican congressmen, votedno" onhe extension. The two Arizona Democratic congressmen voted "yes"o extend the unemployment benefits.n another letter publishedy the Payson Roundup,ritertated in Iraq, the Bush administration has hired tens of thousands Iraqis for public projects, such as clearing weed chocked irrigation canals, and all Iraqi hospitals were open and are now providing free medical services to their citizens.Why cannothe Bush administrationrovide the same for.S. with similar needs?
Gene Hinds, Democrats of Northern Gila County

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