Murphy's Contributions Kept Quiet



I'm glad the advertisement "It's Time For A Change -- Highlights of Mayor Ken Murphy's Term In Office" came out in the Feb. 10 edition of the Roundup.

The half-page advertisement makes me (and probably many more people) want to support Mayor Murphy even more.

In my life I've learned a few things about marketing and promoting.

"We The People" that paid for the Feb 10 Roundup ad I read should think twice regarding a negative advertising campaign.Perhaps they know there are many people who still support Ken Murphy and think throwing dirt is a way to get votes.ut because of the political and social climate in Payson (in my opinion), there are personal concerns of people who don't "openly" support our mayor as strongly as the people who write and speak badly of him. I was part of this ‘concerned' group until now.But it's the vote that counts.

It's quite ironic that on the opposite side of this Feb. 10 ad on page 5A the person responsible for the "We The People" ad is being mentioned in a very ‘negative' way just as Mayor Murphy was mentioned by his ad.

Ken Murphy does so many good things for Payson that people don't know or read about.People like to read and gossip and embellish the negative. Please realize much of this was politically motivated and blown way out of proportion -- one example being the phone call incident.

I'm very happy with the way Payson has prospered with Ken Murphy as mayor.I'm supporting Mayor Murphy for re-election.

Please note that except for Ken Murphy, I did not mention any names.

To me, that would be negative.

Marc Kaplan, Payson

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