Offender's Release A Crime



Regarding the sex offender of the week: When is the electorate in this politically correct country of ours going to finally have had enough of children and women being raped and killed? What will it take for us to vote out, from the town council to the White House, all of the liberal lawmakers and the judges they appoint?

The guys who perpetrate these hideous acts are always either repeat offenders, or will become so, yet the courts keep putting them back into our midst rather than to infringe on their civil rights. When a rape or murder has been committed, the guilty party should simultaneously and permanently lose every civil right he ever had.

My personal beliefs would demand the death penalty when DNA has proven the guy guilty, and I mean right now, not after 20 years of failed paroles, failed treatment programs, endless appeals and who knows how many more victims.

For our government to have turned loose on any town a "high risk" criminal and think that a newspaper notification is going to protect a single child from him is outrageous.

I'm so mad about this that I'm just sputtering. I doubt that I'm alone in my anger.

Leslie Baker Mojica, Payson

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