Schum Likes Brewer For Mayor



Barbara Brewer has been deeply involved in community affairs for more than 20 years. Voters should carefully review her contributions and accomplishments which are many and varied.

A hard-working small business owner, she understands the important role of small business, the need for employment opportunities and all related issues as they impact on Payson's economy and quality of life.

Her understanding and appreciation for the role of economic development in the community is among the many high qualifying virtues she possesses for public service.

Although involved in many community activities, she has devoted time to serving as a public servant, now completing eight years on Payson's Town Council and presently holds the title as vice mayor. Her voting record and the initiatives she supported are commendable and available for review, a remarkable legacy of public service. Her attendance record at council and special town meetings is above reproach and sets an example for others to follow.

Barbara possesses a deep sense of responsibility and has demonstrated the highest degree of honesty and integrity, dedicating her efforts to achieving the best results for the citizens of Payson. I view her performance of duty from positions seldom held by most Payson residents and, based on my association with her and considering her qualifications and future value to the community, I endorse Barbara Brewer for the office of mayor of the Town of Payson. You may rest assured that she will continue to do the "Right Thing."

Respectfully submitted,

Raymond A. Schum, past town councilman and former mayor of Payson, Ariz., 1996-2001

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