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Q: Ever since 9/11, and the lack of information sharing between the CIA and the FBI, I thought law enforcement in communities were committed to share information with each other. Based on this, when a restaurant was recently built, why didn't local law enforcement inform Immigration and Naturalization Service that 18 illegals were brought in to build it?

A: Lt. Don Engler of the Payson Police Department said no complaint was filed about illegal workers. "Even if it had been and we had contacted INS, I don't know that they would have responded," Engler said. "Usually for a simple violation like just being here, the INS will not come up. Often they will not respond even when we have made a felony arrest involving an individual in the country illegally. About the only time they will send an officer up here is when a serious felony is involved."

As for better communication between agencies, Engler said law enforcement organizations at all levels have become better. He said there is often daily communication on matters of homeland security.

Q: Since 40 percent of drivers don't have auto insurance, why don't law enforcement agencies issue more citations for having no insurance?

A: Citations for having no insurance are usually issued after a follow-up investigation on other traffic infractions, said Lt. Don Engler of the Payson Police Department. The "Court Report" in the Payson Roundup, refers to the violations by the Arizona Revised Statutes phrase, "failure to show financial responsibility." The number of cases involving this matter shows citations are in fact being issued by law enforcement. Engler said in 2003, the Payson police issued 464 citations for lack of insurance.

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