A Problem With Pete's Place



I do not live in Payson. I have been looking into moving to your town.

Pete's Place distresses me. It may be constitutional, but is it right and decent?

No. Why can't people do what is decent and right instead of hiding behind the constitution?

This has nothing to do with the constitution, but everything to do with what is moral. Does Payson really want to be a town that offers this kind of entertainment?

I presently live in Needham, Mass., and we have absolutely nothing along those lines in town.

Some people wanted to open an adult store, but the town quickly stood solidly against any such business. Children do matter -- a lot.

I think the people of Payson should offer their children something better than this.

I guess I will have to rethink my position of moving to your fair town.

Mary Callahan, Massachusetts

Editor's note: Pete's Place is in Star Valley, which is an unincorporated community, governed by the Gila County Board of Supervisors, it is not in the incorporated boundaries of the town of Payson.

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