About 'The Passion Of Christ'



I'm not sure how to read Spud Henry's piece regarding the "Truth of the crucifixion."

He refers to a "misconception" and then rightly states "we all crucified Him."

I will not quote all the verses in the scriptures contained in the Holy Bible referencing these events, as I'm sure many are familiar with them. But to re-write events that occurred in past history in order to somehow alleviate some feelings of guilt by some segments of the human population is being very "un-truthful" regarding the events.

It is not anti-Semitic to acknowledge the truth of accepted historical events any more than it is anti-American to acknowledge America's role in the slavery issue or the genocide committed against the Native Americans under the guise of Manifest Destiny.

Most have some issues in the past they would prefer to not revisit for obvious reasons.

The "truth" is that Jesus Christ did in fact go to the cross on behalf of every one of us, bar none. I would wish that all who choose to see the movie "The Passion of Christ" do so, not to confirm or refute who was "responsible" for the crucifixion, but for the deeper and more meaningful message contained therein. God loved us all so much that he put His only begotten Son through the agony and pain depicted in this film. The blame game causes the real message to be missed altogether. May God's peace be on all.

Ron Hamric, Pine

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