Base Decisions On What's Best For Majority


One of the town's goals for economic development is convincing low-water-use industry to relocate to Payson -- businesses that will bring decent-paying jobs to town so more residents can afford to live here.

The Door Stop is one such business. Owner Jim Hill jumped through all the hoops and now operates his company in one of the town's few industrial zones.

Unfortunately, a handful of homeowners near the airport are complaining about noise that emanates from Hill's business.

Hill has taken costly steps to reduce noise, yet the homeowners are still dissatisfied.

The town council will hold an executive session on the issue Thursday night.

It appears to be an ongoing trend that a vocal minority of airport area residents push for an agenda that disregards the town as a whole.

Flight patterns are another example. Just recently the town announced that planes will soon fly from a northerly pattern rather than from the south. While the southern approach gave pilots places to land if they were in trouble -- like the golf course -- it also put people in more danger. Pilots who have mechanical problems coming in from the north have a reduced risk of landing on people; they would have to land in trees or roads north of town.

The industrial park was there before any of the upscale homes were and the town needs to be able to use one of its few industrial parcels of land for businesses like the Door Stop.

It's perplexing that one would want to live next to an airport and then complain about noise.

Now that the council has approved re-establishing the airport advisory board, this minority will have a forum to complain or lobby for their special interests.

Non-pilots who live down the hill and would love to make a living wage at a business like the Door Stop don't have the kind of pull that the pilots do.

We hope that the council sets a precedent that dictates that manufacturing businesses located on industrial property are permitted to make a certain amount of noise. We also hope that decisions are made with the good of the town as a whole in mind -- not a vocal minority with a self-serving agenda.

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