Character Must Count In Elections



I have been taught that we have a government of the people, and when our leaders pattern their lives after the inspired patriots who gave us this government, all goes well.

These teachings have been supported by the Character Counts Program at the middle school. There are posters in the classrooms and banners in the lunchroom. There have been assemblies that have focused on the 6 Pillars of Character: respect, honesty, fairness, responsibility, caring and citizenship.

I believe all people have a knowledge of good and evil. That no person can do wrong without knowing it. Those who willfully do wrong cannot be expected to appropriately support and sustain the laws of this country when placed in office.

If character truly counts, an individual's morality is inseparably connected to his/her political ability. This must be the first test of any candidate's feasibility for office.

Do we want the same lack of character that we see in our current town leaders? Or, are we going to hold our town council and leaders to the same standards the children in the community are held to at school?

All of this seems so simple for me, an eighth-grader. And yet, people who are obviously immoral have been elected to positions of leadership in our town, our state, and our country. If character truly counts, then we must practice what we preach.

Remember at election time, character counts!

Breanne Standifird, 8th grade, Rim Country Middle School

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