Missing Teenager Found


Eighteen-year-old Jody Cline, missing since Feb.14, has returned home, his mother, Becky Weaver, said.

Cline's parents and friends began to worry when no one had heard from him since Feb. 14. He had been dropped off at Circle K at the south end of town and told companions he was going to walk home.

Payson Police Lt. Don Engler said Cline had been staying at a local motel.

"Det. Steve Johnson located him on Friday morning," Engler said. "We really don't know why he hadn't contacted anyone. Our job was just to locate him."

Weaver said Cline was upset and needed some time alone.

"Desperation sometimes makes you do things you wouldn't normally do," Weaver said. "He is very sorry that he didn't contact anyone and regrets any worry or inconvenience he has caused."

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