Payson Library A Well-Operated Facility



Concerning the What's Up article in the Feb. 17 edition of the Roundup, concerning the Payson Public Library, I feel that I must respond.

What the caller stated was a personal opinion (criticism) more than a question which could be adequately addressed. Several weeks ago, a reader criticized the library hours of operation. I double checked the hours on my next visit and I personally felt that the hours were adequate -- maybe more than adequate; therefore, I felt I must respond this time.

I have been using both the Payson (new and old) and the Pine libraries for more than 10 years. There are five or so parking spots in front of the Pine library. I have never had a parking problem -- never seen more than two cars there. Inside, there are usually three ladies. I have never seen them talking to each other more than a couple of times; most of the time, I was the only visitor in the library.

The old apples and oranges game. The physical building of the Payson library is, say, five times as large as the Pine Library. The parking lot in front of the building is usually full, and there are usually 10-plus people visiting.

The times I visit, quite often, I personally do not feel the library has been excessively noisy; however, I was not there at the time and date mentioned.

I want to express my thanks to the library employees for what I consider to be a well-operated facility.

Ray Cooper, Payson

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