Residents Need Bypass For Tourists



Needed, a 260 eastbound bypass!

In just a few months now, you will be able to sail down the mountain on 260 with few curves to bother you, and if you are driving it during the week, chances are you won't have any problem getting into town. Your first stop might be the signal by Payson Concrete.

However, on the weekends, we all know how it will be. Because of the increased speed you will be able to travel, you will get to the gridlock backed up from Highway 87 much quicker and have a longer wait to turn onto the southbound lanes.

This is a plea for a bypass to allow only those who have reason to get into Payson can do so, and the rest can go south unobstructed by all of the signals on 260 and 87.

I would bet that ADOT has already done a survey and understands the need for a bypass.

There is going to be a time when 87/260 going north will be rebuilt up through Pine and Strawberry. There is also the safety issue in case there is a fire above Christopher Creek. There will be fire equipment going east and people leaving the fire area going west interfering with each other.

Anyone wanting to come to Payson to shop can still do so, but I'm sure the vast majority has already done their shopping in the Valley. Even with a bypass, I would guess that traffic would still be heavy because of the fast food places on the Beeline in town. If you ever want to see a 90 percent vote on any issue, just put this on a ballot and let the town people vote on it!

Howard Haggins, Payson

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