What Is The Truth?



David Engleman (Feb. 3, 2004 Roundup) has no need to wait for history to "reveal the truth." He already knows that President Bush is "a liar," has committed "crimes against humanity," has "disgraced America by starting a war," and should be tried by the international "Criminal Court." How prescient!

In the meantime, how do the Iraqi people feel about being liberated from the tyranny of a mass murderer, torturer, and rapist?

Rev. Ken Joseph Jr., a former war protester and Assyrian Protestant minister went to Iraq to talk to his relatives living there, saying: "I felt terrible about having demonstrated against the war without bothering to ask what the Iraqis wanted."

And what did the Iraqis tell him?

"We don't want peace. We want the war to come."

"Everything will be all right when the war is over."

"No matter how bad it is, we will not all die. We cannot wait any more. We want the war. We want it now."

"Please bring on the war. We may lose our lives, but for our children's sake, please end our misery."

(Rev. Joseph can be contacted at Assyrianchristians.com, and is currently completing his well documented book, "I Was Wrong")

Father Noel Gorgis, an Iraqi Chaldean Catholic priest forced to serve in Saddam's 1991 Gulf War and now living in California, sees this war as an "opportunity for improvement" and hopes "the Americans will stay longer" this time until a government is established that will ensure that Christians can live in peace.

Bishop Bawai Soro of the Assyrian Church of the East, born in Kirkuk, Iraq and now living in San Jose, Calif., predicted that "once the initial anger about casualties wears off, people will welcome the Americans as liberators." He is heartened by the resolve of the Bush administration to create a free Iraq, adding that: "The wisdom of the administration is providential [because] everybody in the Arab world looks at Iraq as the model" for transforming global politics in the Middle East. He called the war a "charitable" war because it accepts "surrenders" and avoids targeting "civilians".

Who really knows the truth, the Payson pundit or the Iraqi people? Compare "10,000" Iraqis killed in the war of liberation with 1,000,000 Iraqis killed by their "leader," Saddam Hussein.

Carol Suhr, Pine

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