Bonds May Not Be Necessary For All Projects



Last December, I wrote about an article that I read pertaining to Bonita Street East, that could have been done for $50,000 cost to the town. Another article that stated the council approved $70,000 for a study of American Gulch.

Well, as most articles go, they end up just statements and produce no results. I would like to make this article a productive one.

It is time for the departments to make up their budgets to submit to the town council in June. If the above is true, LaRon Garrett should not have any reason not to submit $50,000 (or whatever the latest cost is) for Bonita Street to the council's budget. Right? Right. This is what the citizens of Payson want.

It might even be a good idea for the Roundup to interview LaRon and get only the town's cost for street improvements of nominal cost to the town. When the council establishes what should be in the town budget, these improvements of normal costs should be approved. Right? Right.

The town staff and council are here to represent the majority of the peoples' requests and the good of the town. Council members have stated that street improvements are priority. Right? Right.

The people of Payson, let's follow up and see what develops. If it does not seem to go the way that is right, contact the head or the council members and demand a public statement of why it was not in the budget. Maybe the Roundup could also follow through with this -- they are supposed to represent public interests. LaRon wants money for his street improvements, and the council members have stated street improvements are a priority.

Bonds may not be necessary for all projects. As they say, let's get to where the rubber meets the road. Right? Right.

Ernie Schmidt, Payson

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