Happy Customer Becomes Distributor


Designing his home in Payson, Mike Meidroth wanted to incorporate the latest in technology. That included installing a tankless water heater from Japan, costing several thousand dollars.

"When you do these things yourself, you sometimes encounter unexpected problems," Meidroth said.


Mike Meidroth shows two of the four models of Hydrascale units.

His problem with his special water heater was the hard water scaling on the coils.

"I was cleaning the coils every 90 days," he said

He said, it was recommended by the Payson Water Department he add a $300 filter to his system, which he did. He was not impressed with the results.

So, he started doing his own research and came across the Hydrascale Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor. He had it installed in January 2003. The system involves special coiling within copper piping.

As explained by the system brochure, "water passes over the coil, a small electric charge is given off. This charge changes the ionic state of the dissolved minerals in the water. The altered state prevents the minerals from sticking together and adhering to surfaces."

The water remains altered for 28 days, Meidroth said.

"You still have all the benefits from the minerals in the water and none of the drawbacks," he said. "There is no maintenance; no lost water that can happen with systems like reverse osmosis. It is eco-friendly, it doesn't harm the environment with sludge."

Meidroth said the system treats 100 percent of the water coming into his home from the town.

"It's more than paid for itself," he said.

The cost of a system for an average-size home in Payson is less than $300, which does not include the installation, he said. However, it is easily self-installed, or if his specially trained plumber installs it, it will cost between $30 and $50.

Meidroth said the people from Hydrascale North American started talking to him about becoming a distributor almost from the beginning of his association with the company. The system has been in Texas and Oklahoma since the 1990s and was originally developed in England in 1989.

"I told them I wanted to see how it worked before I talked about becoming a distributor," Meidroth said.

Early in the summer of 2003, he and the company began serious talks about a distributorship. They wanted him to take everything in the western U.S.

"I didn't want that. ... We came here to practice our second childhoods. I chose to be the distributor for the Southwest -- Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah."

He began distributing the systems in the fall and to date has sold about 20 of them.

The systems, with the varying sizes of the units -- which range from a diameter of 3/4-inch to 4-inches -- can provide hard-water treatment in everything from a house to a refinery, he said. Hotels, motels, car washes, any business that uses misting systems are potential clients.

"Anyone who thinks water softeners are the way to deal with hard water is my target market," Meidroth said.

Meidroth bought his Payson property in 2001 and had Amon Builders Inc. construct the home he designed.

Meidroth has three sons, two grandsons and a third on the way. While his oldest son is his partner in Spectrum Associates, LLC; his second son is a graphic artist and did his "Scale Buster" logo for the Hydrascale business. He also designs shoes for active sports, such as skateboarding. His youngest son also is in the active sports industry, working as a snowboard distributor in California.

To learn more about the "Scale Buster" system, call (928) 468-1100, or visit his website, www.spectrumassoc.com.

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