Hashknife Pony Express Rides Again



The Hashknife Pony Express riders showed up in Christopher Creek Feb. 21 for an appreciation barbecue in their honor at Creekside.
It was a nice reception for the riders.ntertainment went on through the evening with Jinx Pyle at the guitar.he Riders branded both bars at the Landmark and Creekside with their branding iron.hey did the Landmark in two places and then we headed up to Creekside.
Hashknife rider Steve Reynolds did the honors, as everyone stood around to watch.hen he placed the branding iron on the bar flames rose up about a foot along with a lot of smoke, and a lot of cheers afterwards.any photographs were taken and everyone thanked the riders for all they have done over the years.

Saturday was the casting call for the melodrama, "Pleasant Sally War."icky Grottegood and I just about fell of our chairs with laughter.his is going to be hilarious.erformances will be in June; I will keep you informed.
More info about the Lestoil for psoriasis sufferers: Mike Foil of Payson went to the Valley and got a few bottles at the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Scottsdale, but like myself, he's being very careful about this.
Shella Wooton of Payson called and said there is a soap you can purchase that helps with this. It is $18.98 for about six bottles.t is called So Soft Soap and she says it helps. To order call (520) 826-4133.
For more info on psoriasis she gave me the toll-free number to call (800) 723-9166 and they will send you pamphlets.
Christopher Creek's Annual Ladies Jammie Party is scheduled for 6 p.m., Friday, March 5.his year, it will be at Karen Thorton's place on Columbine Road.
Bring along your favorite appetizer, and wear your jammies.he party continues at Creekside and the Landmark.
For more details, call Karen Thortont (928) 478-4133 or Rhea Hoedl at (928) 478-0381.


Hashknife rider Steve Reynolds branded the bars at the Landmark and Creekside recently during the Pony Express Appreciation Party.

March Birthdays

Happy birthday to the following Christopher Creek residents: Jeanie Moore and Marcia Delessandro (March 2); Lois Wilson (March 5); Audrey Treat (March 6); Steve Houser (March 8); fire chief Ray Larsen (March 11); Carol Crimmons (March 13); Barbara and Jim Wheeler (March 15); Duane Hansel (March 20); P.J. Hidde (March 23); Darla Hagar (March 25); and Sandy Hegenderfer (March 27).

If I miss a birthday or you want to add one, e-mail me at marazza@cybertrails.com.

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