Quotskuyva Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison


Waylon Quotskuyva, 19, was sentenced to seven years in the Arizona Department of Corrections Monday for his part in the beating of a man with a balpeen hammer and a separate incident involving sexual misconduct with a minor.

Superior Court Judge Peter Cahill accepted an agreement in which Quotskuyva pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and sexual indecency with a minor.

In May 2002, Quotskuyva, according to a police report, had sex with a 14-year-old girl at a local motel.

Quotskuyva's defense attorney, Kirsten Curry, said the two were drinking and the girl went to the motel room with the intention of having sex with him.

"The girl had a plan," Curry said. "She intended to have sex with Waylon."

"You are not saying she consented?" Cahill asked. "How could a 14-year-old consent?"

Curry requested that the two-year sentence for the sex offense run concurrent with the aggravated assault sentence.

The aggravated assault charge resulted from a June 2002 incident in which Quotskuyva, his brother Garrett, and Jamison Davis entered an Oxbow Estates home and attacked two men, one a juvenile at the time, with a balpeen hammer.

One of the victims was hospitalized with a skull fracture and according to his parents, missed out on a possible football career due to his injuries.

"This crime took away my son's chance of going to college," the victim's father said. "If his friends hadn't been there, our son wouldn't be here."

County Attorney Daisy Flores showed Cahill photos of the victim's injuries and the large balpeen hammer.

"(Quotskuyva) goes in there while the victim is curled up on the couch and attacks him with this hammer," Flores said, motioning with the hammer. "He was pulled off the victim. He did not end the assault willingly. Then he fled and left the victim bleeding."

Curry depicted the assault as a "brawl" that several people took part in.

"There are different versions of what happened," Curry said. "He was protecting his brother. It was impulsive, not premeditated."

Curry presented what she felt to be reasons for leniency, including the defendant's age, lack of a prior felony criminal history and remorse for his actions.

Garret Quotskuyva was sentenced to five years intensive probation for his part in the Oxbow Estates assault. A month into his probation, he violated his probation and fled. There is a warrant for his arrest.

"Garrett shouldn't reflect on Waylon," Curry said. "Garrett blew it and when they catch him, he'll go to the DOC. Waylon doesn't have a chance to prove he could do better."

Cahill found the aggravating factors outweighed the mitigating ones, and sentenced Quotskuyva to two years for the sex offense and five for the aggravated assault, to be served consecutively rather than concurrently.

"The statute is clear that these are two separate crimes," Cahill said.

The third accomplice in the assault, Jamison Davis, will stand trial next week.

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