School Volunteer Exhibits True Character



I am writing this letter to you in hope of recognizing a very important and special person in my personal life, and many others, mostly at Rim Country Middle School. Her name is Tawnya Allaire, and she is also like a second mother to me.

She is a very helpful, kind, and caring person. She fulfills all six pillars of character in every way possible.

Tawn is the type of person that would help any person in need of anything, and is willing of it. Tawn volunteers several long hours at the junior high helping teachers grade, helping kids raise their grades and get extra credit in core classes.

Right now, Tawn is dedicating a lot of her time to the middle school's School Beautification Program, which basically improves the school's whole environment. I would say Tawnya is a mentor that everyone should look up to.

I just want to thank Tawn for always being there for me, and others, and for all the hard work and dedication she puts into everything.

Jessi Davis, Eighth grader, Rim Country Middle School

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