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Re: Artificial turf at town hall

Some of your readers have made the excellent point that opinions should be backed by (verifiable) facts. Great.

I suggest that pronouncements from the town should also be backed by verifiable facts and comprehensive analysis.

For example, why artificial turf ? Granite gravel, plentiful here, works better, it allows the percolation into the soil of what water does fall as rain. Unless the town can show some payback not mentioned so far, I think that we must conclude that artificial turf, at $8 to $15 a square foot installed, is just another way for the town to burn money.

Re: Brooke Utility buyout

I just want your readers to know that not all Realtors in Pine and Strawberry are in favor if the water company buyout. Many of us who are Realtors and residents realize that we need to do something about finding more water, but shutting down Brooke Utilities at this time is the wrong thing to do.

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