Sportsman's Expo A Must For Outdoors Adventurers



It was another busy weekend for the Snyder family this past weekend.

Bill and I and Dewey, our old-timer doggie, headed south to Phoenix to the Sportsman's Expo at the Coliseum. We have been trying to get to this Expo for a number of years and the weather always stopped us from making the trip.

The weather was with us this year and we were not disappointed.

We picked up our best fishing buddies, Rick and Theresa Meeker along the way.

The exhibition itself is amazing. There are wall-to-wall outdoor activities from hiking, hunting, fishing (this is where I spent most of my time), guided tours of all sorts from Alaska, Canada, to the Baja and Costa Rica.

The RV companies were there with their best rigs along with the biggest and best of the ATVs.

Arizona Game and Fish also had a great display of boat safety, along with gun safety and how to fillet a fish. There were fishing contests for the kids too.

We spent most of the day there, and we most likely missed a few things, but my feet and back gave out from all the handouts we picked up along the way.

If you are an outdoors type of person, and a serious sportsman planning a hunting or fishing trip, this Expo is a must for you. The guides plan out everything for you including the best places to go along with all types of accommodations and prices. Look for it next year.

Tonto Village Fire District

Brush and clippings are being accepted at the fire station back lot for shredding. Call the fire station at (928) 478-4875 and Chief J.R. Alliger will open the back gate for you. The clippings will be shredded and used for the very muddy back lot.

Alliger is still looking for volunteers to help clear the forest of brush on the north end of the Village. Call the fire station for more details.

The chief also reminds everyone who uses their woodstove every day to make sure that the chimney is clean. If you have not had a chimney sweep this season, make arrangements to have this very important chore taken care of as soon as possible. There have been too many unnecessary fires due to soot accumulation in a neglected chimney.

Bear Flat

One of the residents in this tiny community tallies the moisture that is received throughout the year and she tells me that compared to last year, the moisture is way down to 3.03 inches. Last year at this same time, the level was at 7.5.

It may seem like we have had quite a bit this past month, but the numbers tell another story. That is one of the reasons that all residents in our surrounding area need to ensure that their property is fire safe by clearing away all brush and dead limbs from around your home.

Birthdays, etc.

Gail Mortenson from Tonto Village III celebrated her big day Feb. 22. Brenda Slapnicka from Ranch Tonto on the Tonto Creek had her birthday Feb, 23. Happy belated birthday to both of you.

Jennifer Kiley, who is a regular nine-ball pool player, has her big day March 1st. Lori Bauler gets to light another candle March 4 and, Erick Kirckhofer, who holds a very important position on our Tonto Village Fire Board, and is a Tonto Village III resident, adds another candle March 6. Happy birthday to all of you.

Games, games ...

This past Sunday, Ethel Cain, Doug Paul and JoAnn Kennedy took the first three places playing eight-ball pool.

Tuesday evening pool playing resumed at the Double D with the ladies taking over and playing nine-ball. Phyllis Mullen, Pat Bates and Betty Koutz took top honors. Congratulations to all.

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