Town Should Resolve Doorstop Noise Issue



I was listening to KMOG's forum on Tuesday, Feb. 10. The guests were town manager Fred Carpenter and town councilman Bryan Siverson.

Several callers were complaining about the noise generated, for several hours and possibly 24 hours, by The Doorstop.

The town of Payson officials bent over backwards to get The Doorstop to move up here. In return, The Doorstop would provide local jobs and produce tax revenue for the town of Payson.

The town officials and owner of The Doorstop may not have known the noise generated would be a problem for the residents. The residents surrounding The Doorstop did not know it would be a problem because they were there before The Doorstop.

The Doorstop should not be required to pay for any noise reduction other than what is normally required for that type of business. The residents should not be required to pay an attorney to try to get this issue resolved. The town officials should bend over backwards even if it means using the tax revenues generated from The Doorstop to assist the owner of The Doorstop and/or residents to resolve this issue.

That's my opinion and I'm stickin' to it.

Larry Crain, Payson

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