True Facts Support Buyout



After all the rhetoric is considered and the vote is in, this community will have made a choice, and the only difference is in who will benefit from the choice we make.

Considering that we will all live with that choice, each property owner must research what each choice truly represents, and look at the real facts, then choose to support the proposed buy out of Brooke Utilities.

While others are trying desperately to confuse you with empty accusations or scare you with less than honest cost factors and the debt that would be incurred, those of us who are circulating the petition will only provide you with honest facts and hope you make the best choice.

The real facts are that the ACC has no choice but to provide Brooke Utilities with a "satisfactory" margin of profit. That is how a "regulated utility" survives and how the system works, so an increase will be granted and you will pay more for water you use if you choose to keep Brooke Utilities than you will if you choose to empower PSWID to buy the water system. And, if you keep Brooke, you also keep the "controls" the ACC provides, which means that Brooke can come back, again, and again, for more raises, knowing full well that yet higher rates will be approved.

Also, PSWID can drill wells until the Rim looks like Swiss cheese, but, that won't increase our water supply by even one drop, unless it increases Brooke's water supply, and we pay the price the ACC sets.

If you have any doubts, simply check Arizona law, and get the facts and then perhaps a buy out will make sense to you, because it is the only viable solution to our water problems up here.

Regarding a new board of directors for PSWID, I have been told [because I asked] that the next regularly scheduled election in November will include a new board for PSWID.

Regarding a statement of the cost of a well at the location in Strawberry, including the cost to bring it on line -- I challenge that statement be proved. I'll wager $100. that my estimate is closer, but then I checked out the costs. Are you really "sure" that you are right? If you are, how about we let the math prove it?

Jim Estess, Pine

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