Collaboration Between Senior Programs Is Wonderful



I wish to correct misinformation about the Senor Circle contained within a story about the Wallace Foundation Grants that were funded to Payson Community Kids and The Payson Multipurpose Senior Center (Dec. 19 Roundup).

In no way was the statement that Senior Circle members were more affluent than Senior Center members meant to be unkind. In fact, many of the Senor Center members are also members of the Senior Circle. The trip that was alluded to was, in fact, sponsored by the Payson Parks and Recreation Department, and not the Senior Circle. These trips to the Valley, and other areas of interest, provide transportation and enjoyment to many local seniors.

The Senior Circle provides many worthwhile and excellent programs such as free classes on health and well-being, rental medical equipment and an array of other large percentage of residents, 50 years of age and older, residing in the Payson area. Most of these services are free of charge.

I wish to apologize for this misinformation. I strongly believe in the wonderful collaboration and cooperation between the Senior Center and the Senior Circle.

Patricia L. Frisbie, Vice President, Payson Multipurpose Senior Center Board

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