Get Your Heart Pumping In 2004



Has everyone made their New Year's resolutions yet?

The only resolution that I will consider is to make sure that I and mine stay healthy by eating right and exercising enough to get that old heart pumping.

The television commercials are jabbing away at your senses telling you to buy their expensive equipment ... even Wal-Mart has a big display of all the healthy food choices a person should make.

The Atkins diet is the current diet theme along with the South Beach diet. I have used the Atkins plan and I can agree that weight can be taken off with this plan, but I modify it by adding a few more carbohydrates and fruit. Since I have been using this approach to losing weight, I have found that portion control is extremely important. I do not deny myself a "taste" of a sugary or starchy food, but that's all I take -- taste.

Walking also is very important. The expensive equipment is not necessarily required. I have however, joined "Curves," and the resistance equipment is very effective in toning the body. I try to exercise at least three times a week and walk every other day. So far, 20 pounds have disappeared. I intend to keep going and lose a few more pounds and get my glycemic index down enough so that I will not have to take medication. That is my resolution for 2004.

Tonto Village Fire District

Chief J.R. Alliger has put out a notice to all Tonto Village Fire District residents, including Meads, Thompson Draws I and II, Bear Flats, and Ellison Creek Summer Homes, that Christmas trees are being accepted at the fire station back lot. They will be put in the chipper/shredder and ground up as mulch and used as a filler for the back lot. It has been extremely muddy to move equipment, and the mulching will help absorb some of the moisture.

Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

My birthday was yesterday. I was the third baby born 64 years ago in Jersey City, N.J. My mother received a dozen roses for delivering me at 3:54 in the morning.

Irv Bossert waited a few days later, Jan. 4, to make his appearance into the new year. Irv lives in Thompson Draw and is the chairman of the Tonto Village Fire Board. Happy Birthday, Irv. Jerry Bauler, of Tonto Village III, our resident "water man," will be celebrating another birthday Jan. 10. Happy Birthday, Jerry.

Joanne and Red Kennedy of Meads Ranch celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary Dec. 30. Congratulations to you both.

Charlie and Ruby Terry will be celebrating 57 years of wedded bliss Jan. 16. The Terrys are well known in the village. Charlie has been the village welder for many years, and is also the former fire chief. Stop by on your way around the village and wish them many more years of marriage.

Pool Shots

There are no results for the ladies this week. They will resume playing next week.

The Sunday tournament at the Double D did have a good showing of players and the men ruled. Jerry Landrum, Cliff Landrum and Doug Mathews were the top winners.

Visitors to the Village

J.R. and Gloria Alliger of Tonto Village III have had the pleasure of J.R.'s mother, Marilynn Alliger visiting from Buffalo, N.Y. for the holidays. We all hope that you have a very enjoyable time in our village, Marilynn.

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