Council Wants Input On Scooter Rules


The Payson town council will meet Thursday evening to iron out the details for an ordinance restricting use of motorized play vehicles.

A draft of an ordinance came before the council at its last meeting and was met with mixed reviews

"There were a number of questions at the last council meeting and things people thought should be changed," Town Manager Fred Carpenter said.

The ordinance states that motorized play vehicles must obey all the rules of a normal vehicle and may not be driven on any sidewalks or roads with a speed limit over 25 mph.

The stipulations of the ordinance also include that no child under 14 can drive a motorized play vehicle and those under 18 must wear a helmet. It states that the vehicles cannot be operated on town streets before 7 a.m. and after 8 p.m.

Members of the council raised questions about some ambiguous portions of the ordinance, in particular, what vehicles were technically considered motorized play vehicles.

"They decided it warranted a work study so they could spend a couple hours discussing the issue," Carpenter said.

At the meeting, councilors brought up the fact that some adults ride motorized scooters to work and the ordinance may restrict their form of transportation.

Deputy Town Manager and Chief Financial Officer Glenn Smith rides his motorized scooter to work.

"I plan on being there Thursday night because I am concerned," Smith said. "I'd still like to have the ability where I could ride it to work because it saves on gas.

"I think it's really the kids on their scooters that brought up this issue," Smith said. "I don't hit the speeds that the kids do -- the kids pass me."

Carpenter said the council wants to hear from members of the public on the issue.

"Anyone interested in the motorized scooter issue ought to show up," Carpenter said.

"The council wants public input -- this is certainly one issue they want maximum public input."

The work study session begins at 6 p.m. in council chambers at town hall. The first regular town council meeting of the year is scheduled for 6 p.m., Jan. 15.

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