Health Issues Make It Necessary To Replace Constable


Dear People of the Payson Regional Constable area:

No doubt you have been reading the ad in the paper to replace the Payson Regional Constable. I felt that you need to be informed why there is a need for replacement.

On June 23, 2003, while evicting people from a residence, I had two (2) strokes. One caused the loss of my left eye, while the other caused damage to my left leg, arm, and hand. After having the stroke I attempted to continue working but realized that the leg would no longer hold up under the constant walking, and without the eye, I was open to be injured by someone wanting to come at me from my blind side. After talking with my doctor and seeing a doctor in Phoenix, I finally had to admit to myself I could no longer do the job you elected me to do. I handed in my resignation to the board of supervisors, ending my career as your constable.

Throughout the years many people helped me do the job and I feel I should thank them for their assistance. I would like to thank Ron Christensen and his assistant Jo Johnson as I could not have done the job without their guidance and willingness to help every time I called.

I give my thanks to the officers, dispatchers, office help, and most of all the sheriff and his staff for all the friendship and assistance over the last 13-and-1/2 years.

To Judge McDaniel, a very good friend and outstanding judge, I owe more than I could ever repay. His staff, headed by Dorothy Little, made my job a pleasure to do. Their door was always open when I needed information and help.

To the people in the county attorney's office -- thanks for everything, in good times as well as bad.

To the Superior Court personnel, thanks for the help and friendship. The one person that has worked her heart out for me, as well as jumping right in and taking over for me since the stroke is Gail Palmateer, my court clerk and right-hand person. When I could no longer do the job she took over keeping me informed, but doing her job as well as mine. God bless her.

I'm now going to retire, write my family history, play my music, and enjoy my family. Thank each and everyone of you who has been my friend and helped me perform the job. I am not planning on leaving town, I'm just hiding out for awhile.


Edgar Allen Armer (Eddie), Payson Regional Constable Retired

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