Paper Is Fair, Staff Is Great



This is a letter of appreciation of the Payson Roundup. My husband and I have lived in Payson for five years. In the beginning, we bought the Roundup to obtain the grocery ads. Occasionally an article would catch our interest. As we became more active in the community, and especially since the previous elections, more was read. During the elections, Mr. Haddad moderated for the candidates. We were impressed with his professionalism and ability to structure the forum. It was a "class act."

Over the years, it has appeared to us the paper has become more and more willing to write about controversial issues and to take stronger stands. On the other hand, we may have become more aware because of our increased knowledge and involvement in the community. Either way, whether my husband or I agreed or not about what was written, we felt the paper attempted to present information ethically, with fairness. If a mistake was made, it was often acknowledged. Disagreement also seems to be readily made known to Roundup's readers.

Articles of interest and support of charity and education are beyond outstanding. Local sports coverage is great, even for one who does not follow state or national sports, and classified ads have paid off for us.

Obviously, we are enjoying the Roundup paper. If we are going to thank Mr. Haddad, we have to also comment on the Roundup's office. Going into the office is a treat because of the staff's helpfulness and friendliness. Thank you, Mr. Haddad and your staff, for keeping us abreast of local and regional news.

Harry and Joan Young, Payson

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