We Are Being Invaded Daily



Is it any wonder any sane person is totally cynical about the Department of Homeland Security and those in charge of it?

On one hand -- for national security purposes, of course -- The Arizona Republic reports that we're now photographing and fingerprinting all foreigners who fly into Sky Harbor Airport.

Recently an American female attorney friend of mine who returned from a short trip to Europe was practically strip-searched by customs at Sky Harbor.

I guess our federal "protectors" are trying to convince us that terrorists will come to America only on planes. While all this elaborate airport security is in effect, they continue to turn an obstinately blind eye to the hundreds of unidentified foreigners -- neither fingerprinted nor photographed -- who daily cross our shamefully porous borders. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, his boss, George W. Bush and most, if not all, Democratic Presidential candidates, throw around words like "legalization," "amnesty" and "guest worker program." Politically correct pundits euphonize about "undocumented migrants" and promote giving them drivers' licenses and in-state college tuition breaks. Ridge and his boss have yet to criticize the "Matricula" card -- an ID issued by a foreign government in the U.S. to its illegal invaders. (If they were here legally, they'd have a green card.)

It's estimated there are between 8-12 million unknown illegal invaders now in the U.S. That's give or take four million -- about the population of Chicago. Our federal "protectors" have no real idea how many invaders are already here, where they are or what they are doing. No one fingerprinted or photographed any of them when they entered the country, and there are no plans to do so.

Meanwhile Bush, Ridge et al still continue to refuse to take even token measures to prevent millions more illegal invaders from sneaking into the country -- unless, of course, they buy an airline ticket and fly into Sky Harbor.

Homeland Security? More like the Department of Homeland Political Correctness and Showy Pandering.

T. J. Smith, Payson

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