What's Up?


Q: I have heard that mayoral candidate Diana Sexton does not actually reside in town limits. Should she be able to run for mayor if she doesn't live in town?

A: According to Sexton, she is legal.

"We have a homestead in Round Valley, but we also have an office/house in town and have been building a home in Payson. We spend four nights in town and then spend the weekend in Round Valley, which is what the law says.

"We haven't had a final inspection on the house, but we are living here anyway -- the vent pipe on the roof needs to be painted. People are welcome to come see where I live. I have nothing to hide.

"You either like me for what I stand for or you don't -- and if you don't, you don't have to vote for me. It should be about the issues, not what kind of house I live in."

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