Expand Path Program



We would like to commend Sarah Muench for the fine article on the PATH (Police Access to the Homebound) program she wrote about in the Jan. 6 issue of the Payson Roundup.

However, now that this program is successful and your volunteers do such a wonderful job, we would like to recommend that the program be expanded to holidays and weekends.

We know that there are not that many volunteers available, but since the homebound talk to a "real" person five days a week, why not pursue the computer program the Payson Senior Center could have received, and perhaps could still obtain, for the holidays and weekends?

I don't think the homebound would mind that as long as they knew someone or something was checking on them seven days a week.

It could alleviate them falling on, say a Friday night, and lying there until Monday morning without help.

This program would tie into your dispatcher if the party did not answer.

Ruth Craig

Elaine Drorbaugh

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