Our Neighbors Are Meeting Needs



During the past year we have seen a growing increase of need in Pine and Strawberry and the rolls of the food bank have grown through the year.

The businesses, merchants and residents of these two villages have gone out of their way to show care and love to all the needy in Pine and Strawberry through the food bank by way of contributions of money, food and necessities.

Without this caring, we would have difficulty meeting these needs.

The food bank consists of a group of volunteers from Pine and Strawberry who receive no federal or state assistance, only contributions received from our friends in this area.

What wonderful people live in Pine and Strawberry. We count our blessings each month as we fill the needs of not only those on the rolls, but others who have emergency needs -- either in the communities or coming through town.

Thank you, you wonderful friends.

Pine/Strawberry Food Bank Volunteers

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