Senior Center A Wonderful Asset To Community



We were recently privileged to participate in the first annual fund-raiser for the Senior Center at the Ox-Bow Inn, a great event led by Patricia Frisbie and her committee.

We also enjoyed a lunch at the Senior Center last week, (their new cook is excellent.)

We recommend that everyone check the menu and call for reservations. This gives the community a way to see the kind of food served for seniors, the Meals on Wheels and check out the planned activities for seniors. Bring your donations for the Thrift Shop next door and pick up some real bargains for yourselves. You'll be surprised by the quality. The funds from the grants, donations and sales are used to benefit seniors in a most meaningful way.

Payson is blessed with great facilities for their citizens, especially the seniors. In addition to the Senior Center, we have enrolled in several programs at the Senior Circle, Payson Regional Medical Center support groups, classes at the Gila Community College, the Wellness Center there, Hospice and ElderBuilders Volunteers, the beautiful Library and Doggy Park, and the wonderful Green Valley Park and its facilities.

The Roundup does a wonderful job of listing the many events available to our citizens and there is a program to fit almost any interest and need.

Volunteers are always needed, of course, so if you have planned to do something worthwhile for yourself and others this year, reach out to help those who need you.

John C. and Peggy S. Smith, Payson

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